• Elena Cirkovic

Of predators, flies, and toxic flowers

The Learned ones told the younglings to always remain objective and calm. The world was indeed frightening, and every now and then, something would happen that would frighten the children, but their teachers stroked their heads and told them that self-assurance, hope, belief, faith, and calm were the answer. But there was garbage, and creatures were dying, and more and more powerful humans who did not think that life mattered, made decisions which spread endless amounts of waste, waste produced by a human, but also a waste of human bodies, scattered around the earth, rotting away, as their lives were no longer needed.

The X and Y were children once, but now, they were not quite sure of their adulthood. They decided to try and find a lake of which they have heard. It was supposed to be still accessible and clean. So they started walking. The landscape has over time become somewhat maniacal. The rampant overgrowth of fragrant purple flowers, an invasive species, had them feel very dizzy and nauseous. Enormous flies, wasps and other such insects were everywhere. Birds were gone, as were the honeybees. With so much waste, only those who fed on waste remained. The scorching Sun burned off their skin, which was already being bitten away in chunks by the flies. But they kept waling, as they needed water.

The Learned ones had abandoned the children or rather they never did protect the children. What they did was keep peace just long enough for the Predator Clan to absorb most of the Earth’s energy, cover all with its own waste, and lay waste to most of it. Their modus operandi has been this across the galaxy: invade, exploit and feed-on, leave the excrement and lifeless, toxic, waste-ridden spaces behind, as they proceeded onwards on their powerful and far-reaching ships. They usually blended well in with the local species, and their manner was to organize, keep order and calm, engage with the Learned ones who would help them prevent panic or an uprising—as would be a usual response of a host to an invasive parasite. The orbital space of a planet left behind was also always covered in dangerous and floating debris, preventing any future escape of an entrance. These abandoned places always remained condemned to a slow and suffocating death.

Eventually, X and Y reached the lake, but there was no lake. Waste already began at the shore, combined with incredibly tall invasive and poisonous plants Heracleum sosnowskyi, more commonly known as ‘dictator’s revenge’ burned human skin painfully.

Y sat down on the nearby rock, her bare feet rooted in mud and slime, as she stopped fighting off the insects. She fixated on the dead body of a small delicate black snake. The harmless ones, with yellow ears, beautiful and elegant animals, which usually sought solitude. The day before she walked by several bird carcasses aligned off the road. She was tired. X was remembering that the lake was much cleaner in his childhood. People cleaned it then, he said, there was some sand, and we could swim and play. Y and X decided to stop searching, the defeat was complete.

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